The second “P” of the Gospel (2 of 3): the Plain-Speaking of Christ (Getting Real and Sharing Hope)

Over the last few posts in this series on the gospel introduced in the creation week, we considered “The first “P” of the Gospel: the Presence of Christ”.  If you missed those videos and articles, you can refer view them now or later.  Of the eight “P”s, the first four are cumulative in substance, so reading and viewing them in order may be most helpful.  But if you’re pressed for time I don’t think it’s absolutely necessary to glean helpful insights and encouragements from today’s post.

In the first shorter video below, my wife and I discuss some of the practical truths and significance of separation from God as Man’s primary problem.  And, of course, that separation is bad news, but Jesus’ plain-speaking about our problem is part of the good news.  Like a doctor informing us of our cancer, we need to hear the truth before we can begin moving toward solution.   The second longer video outlines more applications of how we can be helpful to people with this difficult truth.  That video is based on the many Scriptures referenced in the earlier video, “The second ‘P’ of the Gospel (1 of 3):  the Plain-Speaking of Christ (an Introduction and Hermeneutic).  I hope you find both of the videos below helpful and encouraging in the Lord Jesus.



If you found this week’s videos helpful, you may also interested in two  videos on Understanding and Applying the Bible and B.E. S.C.R.I.P.T.T.T.U.R.A.L.. located on the tab, “Theology Thursdays”.  The first describes a simple three-step inductive approach to books of the Bible.  The second uses an acronym to guide you in considering twelve points for a deeper study of Scripture.

We will use these models to study whole books of the Bible.  In order to keep the series shorter, we will only be studying books with six chapters or less.  The series on Philippians is complete.  God willing, I will post the series on Lamentations in a few weeks.


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