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“Life in Desert Places”, a topical Bible Study

Linked below is a brief but packed booklet that I prepared as an Army Chaplain for the Soldiers in my unit during one of our deployments to the Middle East.  It contains articles, study questions, illustrations, and helps on a … Continue reading

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Because this life is a journey

Maybe you’ve heard the saying, “Life is not a sprint…it’s a marathon.”  That caution and encouragement makes a lot of sense, since most of us tend to waffle between a frantic pace and the inevitable collapse.  But, to be completely … Continue reading


The book of Joshua: 3 promises of the Promised Land

Arguably, the most hotly contested land in the world is the little country of Israel. For millenia, Jewish people have claimed a literal God-given right to it; modern Muslims have said it’s theirs; and others believe it has a more … Continue reading

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