“Transitions” (a non-religious radio podcast)

This category contains example podcasts from a non-religious radio show.  The podcast below is one in a series that my wife and I produced with the Armed Forces Network (or “AFN”) when our family was stationed in Daegu Korea between 2009 and 2012.  I offer the podcasts as a creative example of how clergy can serve their community with powerful spiritual results.

Three primary benefits:

* A practical way to offer God’s love more broadly.  Many who will not come to a church will listen to a local radio show.  Like the Lord feeding the 5,000, we used the opportunity to teach basic principles for practical living from God’s Word (without quoting Scripture or even talking about God) to show that we were interested and able to address some of those basic needs.  This built our visibility in the community and non-believers’ trust that we wanted to offer more than “fire insurance” and Bible stories on Sunday mornings. Of course, one of our goals was to draw some of those people to worship services because they had “met” us on the radio.  And some did come…and stayed.

* A practical way to model love between/among Christians in greater detail. Doing the broadcasts with my wife allowed others to be a “fly on the wall” in our relationship.  Others could hear us listen to each other, interact and not interrupt, belittle, or try to control each other.  Many people said it was especially powerful that we kept it “real” and discussed specifics of being angry, hurt or afraid in our relationship and how we worked through those times.

* A practical way to model godly relationships with others.  In the year or so of our weekly broadcasts, we had 3-4 different disc-jockeys – often changing without any notice.  And none of our podcasts were scripted or rehearsed.  Some of the hosts were more talkative, and some were less.  Some were natural fits to our personalities, and others required a little more effort more from all three of us.  Those were all God-given opportunities for us to model respectful waiting on the host, to tactfully request clarification on something they said, to validate many of their points and wisely but gently differ when necessary, to encourage each other, to empathize with each other and more.  This was huge in our increasingly technological age where more people text than talk and Facebook than face each other.

If you’re interested in other podcasts from this series, you can click here.

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