Example Continuity Files – a Chaplain Resource Manager

passing-the-batonPassing the baton successfully is especially critical if you’re running the race as a Chaplain Resource Manager (CRM). Most CRMs don’t have a Finance degree – just a two-week Army school on big picture policies and some software stuff. So we need to reduce our learning curve as much as possible.

This is the second of five example continuity files that I wrote for others’ ministries over the past several years.  Although all of the federal laws and Army regulations make resource management much more of a science than an art, the attached files are not necessarily “the” way to do everything.  For one thing, I wrote these as a CRM in 2008. I’m posting this in 2015.  My references to IMA (Installation Management Agency) should now read IMCOM, and the ICO (Installation Chaplain Office) is now the GARCHO; the GFEBS software system replaced STANFINS to process financial records; Citibank now manages our government travel cards instead of Bank of America, etc. But the principles and procedures are basically still the same.

Even if Chaplain Resource Management is not your current assignment, next assignment or an interest for any future assignment, you may still find a nugget or concept that could help you or another member of your team as you work with the GARCHO funds team or funds issues in your own unit.  You are free to copy, edit and share them as you choose.

May God bless you as you serve Him and His people.

CRM Calendar of Recurring Events

CRM Principles and Procedures – from A to Y

CRM Web Addresses

Fort Benning CRM Basic Duties (1 Feb 08)

Tips on Chaplain Resource Management

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