Counseling Principles & Strategies, an Introduction

512px-hands_4_holdingIf you’ve read or viewed other posts on this blog, you may remember that I am relating leadership and counseling as two duties of all Christians.  Christian leadership, per the Apostle Paul, is simply equipping and encouraging others to follow us as we follow Christ.  It seems to me, therefore, that Christian counseling is simply helping those who are wayward or stuck to get back on track.  Those two duties of love should mark every believers life.

The subsequent videos referenced in the particular video below contain copyright material contracted for active duty Army personnel only.  That series, therefore, is located on milsuite, a secure site for military personnel.  However, I will provide you with many other videos based on my own material.  The several free series will cover a wide variety of concerns you may face in counseling as a parent, a supervisor, a sports coach, or any other role in which you have responsibilities to lead others.

Each video is based on biblical principles in non-religious language to facilitate the broadest use.  Therefore, I will also precede each video with related Scripture passages and discussion questions for your use with your family, team, or other groups.  Please note that because I originally produced these videos for Army personnel in my unit there is a legal disclaimer at the beginning and professional contact information at the end of each.

Consider the following passages and discussion questions for this video.

Suggested passages on counseling:

Genesis 3:8-13 (God’s open-ended questions to prompt Adam and Eve’s honesty), most passages on godly prophets, 2 Samuel 17 (significance of bad counsel), the book of Ezra (the basic priority of worship pictured in rebuilding the altar before Nehemiah rebuilt the wall), Psalm 1, Proverbs 1-5, Isaiah 1:16-26 and 9:6, Acts 20:27 (whole themes of Truth as opposed to parts of truth) Romans 11:33-36 (for trust in Christ, not in human counselors), 2 Corinthians 1:3-7 (growing from God’s disciplines on us and not avoiding the other person’s pain), passages in New Testament Epistles (letters) to wayward or stuck believers.

Suggested discussion questions:

  • How does God Himself model counseling in character and goals?
  • What were some of the joys, frustrations, sadnesses, fears, and confusions that godly men and women in the Bible faced when counseling others?
  • Did godly men & women always effect change in others?  Elaborate from Scripture
  • What are some things Jesus clearly lived and taught regarding counseling?
  • In what specific ways might God be calling you to counsel someone right now?
  • To what small things and big things will He say “well done”?  Elaborate from Scripture.


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