Leaders’ decisions: magnets, munitions, and mud

Whether we’re to lead as a husband, parent, supervisor, coach, or in another other position by which we have responsibilities for others, each of our decisions will have an impact on them.  Godly and even ungodly decisions can act as magnets drawing people to us; they can be like munitions scattering them or even killing communications, trust, and teamwork; or they can impact other like mud so that our people don’t move in any direction.  By God’s grace, we must make decisions that are honorable and helpful to others, and we must be aware of how our decisions influence them.

Over the past several weeks, we’ve been looking at leadership and building trust through “circles of proof and circles of access“, understanding “hindrances to trust“, building “pathways to trust“, and strategies (part 1 and 2).  Today, we conclude these mini-series by considering a practical exercise that visually depicts trust (or a lack of truth) among others on our team.

Next week, we’ll begin a few mini-series on peer “counseling”.  But don’t let that word throw you.  At its heart, biblical counseling is simply helping others who are stuck or wayward from the path.

Consider these discussion prompts and Scriptures on the impact of leaders’ decisions.

  • What are some of the godly versus ungodly ways that leaders’ decisions are like magnets drawing others to them? (Acts 2:14-47 versus Genesis 11:1-4)
  • What are some of the godly versus ungodly ways that leaders’ decisions are like munitions scattering others from them? (John 6:25-66 versus 1 Kings 17:1-17)
  • What are some of the godly versus ungodly ways that leaders’ decisions are like mud making it difficult for others to move? (2 Chronicles 20:13 versus Matthew 23:1-4)
  • How did the Lord receive divided reactions, drawing some to Him and distancing others in Luke 15:1-7?


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