Because we’re called to counsel: 4 levels of peer counseling

Jesus calls all of His people to be leaders, equipping and encouraging others to follow Him.  He also calls all of His people to counsel others, helping the stuck or wayward to get back on track.  This week’s video on “Service Saturdays” addresses two common concerns when helping others who are struggling:  1) “How much do I need to know to help them?” and 2) “How long should I stay with them?”

The video outlines peer counseling (as opposed to professional counseling) according to 4 different levels of expertise/need/intensity.  Its non-religious language is intentional for the broadest use possible, but the principles are based on biblical truths.

Consider the following discussion prompts and related Scripture passages.

  • What does Exodus 18 teach us about some of the good reasons and benefits of having different levels of expertise for counseling?
  • What is one of the likely reasons that the Apostle Paul took Luke with him regularly?  And what does that tell us about the goodness of using subject matter experts for specific concerns? (2 Corinthians 12:3-7, Galatians 4:15 and 6:11, Colossians 4:16, and 2 Timothy 4:11)
  • According to Proverbs 1:20-33, why might good counseling still fail to help others?
  • Who is the counselor at the beginning of Proverbs 31 and at the end?  What several truths might this teach us about peer (non-professional) counseling?


If you found this video to be helpful, you might also benefit from my article, 4 Areas of Counseling in Christ.  thoughts on the 12 times the book of Proverbs refers to a “person of understanding” in the series similarly named, Counseling as a Person of Understanding.
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