Jesus after Easter (a 50-day series), “…my Lord and my God!”

Most of us long for miracles.  And Jesus’ perfect life, death on sinners’ behalf as the fulfillment of Passover, and His physical resurrection prove that He is willing and able to meet our greatest needs:  complete forgiveness and a new heart to trust and follow Him as our living King.  But even in the Bible, most of the journey with Jesus is lived in the moments between miracles.  In this 50-day series, we’ll consider some of those moments leading up to the next great miracle in the New Testament:  the fulfillment of Pentecost and the incredible growth of the Church.


This statement by Thomas in John 20:28 is one of my favorite in Scripture.  It pictures someone quickly and passionately changed by who they see they Lord to be.  Isn’t that what many of us want for ourselves?  Even though a person may already know the Lord’s work to forgive them, to be changing them, and leading them, we want to know more of Him.  And we long to be transformed more fully and, if were honest, more quickly.

I’m not suggesting that Thomas’ faith was suddenly mature.  Later, even Peter who had been the first to declare that Jesus was the Christ and the Son of God, faltered in his faith.  But Thomas’ confidence and joy in the risen Lord Jesus had certainly grown,  He longer called Jesus merely “lord”, a term of general respect given to all persons in positions of authority.  He called Him “God”.  Thomas immediately acknowledged that Jesus has complete authority and all power over his life.

Each of us should take a lesson from Thomas by asking ourselves how we truly see Jesus.  There many cues that might reveal our true view of the Lord.  How we feel about Him can indicate if we see Him as a non- invasive buddy, a distant authority figure, a zealous Judge but reluctant Savior, etc.  When do we pray to Him and about what things?  Do we mediate on His teachings as commands for His glory or means for our success?  How often do we mediate on His Word?  Why do we spend time with His people?  As one of my mentors often said, all behavior has meaning.

Rest and rejoice in Jesus as your risen Savior and God.

That confident knowledge should free and inspire us follow Him with greater zeal for our journey ahead.  For the coming moments between miracles can be challenging.  One of those challenges is the subject of tomorrow’s devotional.


I hope today’s thought and others in this series will be helpful to you as you journey with Jesus in the moments between miracles.

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