Jesus after Easter (a 50-day series), “And (seven of ) His disciples were together”

Most of us long for miracles.  And Jesus’ perfect life, death on sinners’ behalf as the fulfillment of Passover, and His physical resurrection prove that He is willing and able to meet our greatest needs:  complete forgiveness and a new heart to follow Him as our living King.  But even in the Bible, most of the journey with Jesus is lived in the moments between miracles.  In this 50-day series, we’ll consider some of those moments leading up to the next great miracle in the New Testament:  the fulfillment of Pentecost and the incredible growth of the Church.


Leaders always lead, even in wrong directions.  In the first part of John 21, Peter seems to be going back to his old life of fishing.  And it seems that, in making his intent known to his fellow disciples, he was implying “follow me.”  At least that was the effect.

Most of us lead others in one way or another as parents, confidants and mentors to close friends, role models in the community, etc.  And, like it or not, we’re watched and often followed.

I still remember a particular television commercial when I was still kid.  A son was following his father around the house, copying his every move:  pretending to shave, drinking something at the breakfast table, kicking a can down the street, and picking up a pack of cigarettes.  Of course, as followers of Christ, we’re entrusted with much more than a message of physical health.  He’s called us to be His ambassadors of real Life.

But we don’t always lead others in the right direction.

Still, notice that the Lord came to all of them.  Peter had publicly denied Him, and He publicly restored him in front of the whole group.

You may feel that you’re failing others because of your poor leadership.  And that may be true.  But your failings are not show-stoppers for His grace and purpose for your holiness and joy in Him.  The other disciples saw Peter’s passion for Jesus as he leaped out of the boat and swam feverishly toward shore.  They smelled and ate the fish and bread He prepared and heard the conversation He had with Peter.  We’ll talk more about what was said between the two of them in coming days.

For now, be encouraged that our Lord not only cares for our individual soul.  He cares for our leadership of others whom He has entrusted to us.


I hope today’s thought and others in this series will be helpful to you as you journey with Jesus in the moments between miracles.

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