Leadership and Building Trust (1 of 3), Circles of Access & Proof

Every few weeks in “Service Saturdays”, we will alternate a mini-series on leadership and a mini-series on counseling.  We start with a foundation of leadership:  trust.

I originally produced these videos as an Army Chaplain for my unit’s personnel stationed around the world.  Thus, each one begins with a legal disclaimer and ends with my contact information.  Each video also applies biblical principles in non-religious language to facilitate the broadest use.  Because tools4trenches is an explicitly Christian ministry blog, I will precede each video with related Scripture passages and discussion questions for your use with your family, church, or other groups as God leads you.

Consider the following passages and discussion questions on leadership and trust.

  • How has the Lord granted “circles of access” to build trust?  How did He call them to respond afterward?  Refer to several of these passages and be specific in your responses.  Genesis 3:8 and 18:17-19, Exodus 3:1-6, 20:18-21, 24, and 33:7-11, Jeremiah 31:31-34, Ezekiel 36:22-27, Matthew 5:1, 11:28-30, and 17:1ff, Mark 15:38, John 13:23 and 15:15, 1 Corinthians 3:16, Hebrews 4:14-16, passages showing Jesus spending time with children, tax-collectors, lepers, etc. and Revelation 22:1-4 and verses 20-21.
  • Search a digital Bible for the phrase “will know that I am the Lord”.  What were some ways God proved His trustworthiness?  How does He call us to respond?
  • Search the Psalms for the word “trust”.  What are some false trusts to which people have turned?   How did godly trust manifest in believers’ lives?  How did God respond to each differently (those who didn’t trust Him compared to those who did)?  Be specific and elaborate from Scripture passages.
  • What proofs did Christ and His Disciples provide to build our trust in Him?  Use a digital Bible to search the New Testament for the phrase “may believe” or “might believe”, depending on the translation you use.
  • Read Philippians and passages on “the Body of Christ” or His “temple” or “building” in other letters in the New Testament.  What proofs are we to show that others should follow us as we follow Christ?


This series specifically addresses trust in work relationships, but (with the exception of “needing the watchers”) the principles apply in our service to Christ as His body before the watching and hurting world.


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