Link to “Diane” (a Christian Website)

I am convinced that we must start training Christian counselors to work as ‘missionaries’ of post-traumatic consolation and care, able to deliver the comfort of Christ himself to a very needy world.”  This is how Dr. Diane Langberg opens her website.  Based on some of backstory that follows, we can see why.

“My career as a Christian psychologist began 45 years ago.  That’s when I started working with the Christian community.  That’s also when I first heard someone say, ‘My father did weird things to me.’  I had no idea what that meant.  I had finished my master’s degree and had started a Ph.D. program in Psychology.  I was also the only female in the class.  Nothing in my personal life or training had prepared me for such a statement.  So I did what all good students do when they hit a wall – I consulted a supervisor.  He explained that women sometimes tell these hysterical stories.  My job was to not be taken in and that I should not believe them.  ‘Such women are looking for attention,’ he explained.  ‘If you give it to them you’ll only contribute to their pathology.’  As time passed, I began to hear other women tell stories of sexual abuse.  I made a decision.  I would listen to these women, rather than my supervisor.  That was 1972.”



If you’d like to know more, click on the banner below to go to her home page.


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