Link to “Biblehub” (a Christian website for study in the original languages)

By God’s grace there are more and more excellent Christ-centered topical websites.  Below is a link to one that may be helpful to you or a friend.

Even if you have zero knowledge of Hebrew or Greek, Biblehub can easily help you study passages to see specific themes and nuances more clearly.  Going back to the original languages can be essential to discerning the Lord’s original intent in His Word.

I recommend the following as one simple way to use Biblehub.  First, go to the website by clicking on the picture below.  Second, choose whatever passage and the English version you want to view.  Third, if you’re looking at a passage in the New Testament, click on Greek toward the right side in the white bar.  If you’re looking at a passage in the Old Testament, click on “Hebrew” located in the same general area.  These are the primary languages of the Bible, although there are a very few passages in the Old Testament originally written in Aramaic.  Fourth, look for the specific English word that you want to see in the original language, and go all the way to the left under the category, “Strong’s” (an exhaustive concordance) and a number.  Finally, click on that number.  It will show you the most basic meaning of the word, its alternate translations, and how many times those are used and where in God’s Word.  Then you can see for yourself what seems to make the most sense in the greater context of the passage.

For example, in 1 Peter 1:3 and 23, you can see that the phrase some versions translate as “born from above”, others translate as “only begotten”.  That’s because either is a proper translation from the original Greek word, ἀναγεννήσας (#313 in Strong’s, meaning that – alphabetically – it is the 313th Greek word to occur in the New Testament)

If it sounds complex, it’s really not.  Once you use it a few times, you may be amazed at how easy it is.



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