Seeing the Consistent Gospel: the 8 “P”s in Jesus’ Teaching

7290794228_43de52f452_bThe previous post in this series, “Theology Thursdays”, introduced how to see God’s consistent good news in 8 “P”s of Jesus’ life.  For an even broader introduction, you can view Seeing the Consistent Gospel of Christ in 8 “P”s from Genesis to Revelation.

This week, we consider these consistent themes in Jesus’ teaching. As I’ve said before, God’s Word is the owner’s manual for Life.  But a manual can be pretty thick, especially when it covers God Almighty and the meaning of Life.  We need discern the key themes that run cover to cover in God’s Word.  Then the thousands of commands, promises and warnings from the prophets, priests, kings, Christ Himself, and His Apostles will be clearer, falling into one or more of those themes.

Again, please note that I originally created this video series as an Army Chaplain for my unit spread out around the world.  Therefore, each begins with a legal disclaimer and ends with my professional contact information.


Next week, God willing, we’ll begin a 4-part series on the same 8 “P”s in the lives and teaching of the Apostles.  Then we will start looking at each theme from Genesis to Revelation and several applications for each.


You may also interested in two separate “how to” video:  Understanding and Applying the Bible and B.E. S.C.R.I.P.T.T.T.U.R.A.L.. on the tab, “Theology Thursdays”.  The first describes a simple three-step inductive approach to books of the Bible.  The second uses an acronym to guide you in considering twelve points for a deeper study of Scripture.  We will use these models to study whole books of the Bible.  In order to keep the series shorter, we will only be studying books with six chapters or less.  The series on Philippians is complete.  God willing, I will post the series on Lamentations in a few weeks.


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