Example Continuity Files – a Family Life Chaplain

passing-the-batonPassing the baton successfully is essential for continuity.  Whether you’re finishing your part or picking up where the other runner left off, everybody knows that the transition is one of the toughest and most critical times of the race.  And this being the beginning of the summer surge in PCS moves, many of us are in transition.

The following is the first of five example continuity files that I’ve written for others’ successful ministries over the past several years.  I don’t offer them as “the” way to do all aspects of the particular ministries.  They’re more of a buffet:  you can choose what you need or want and leave the rest.  No questions asked.

I do, however, offer them as a reminder that responsible ministry sets the next person up for success.  In my first 17 years as a Chaplain, I only received continuity files once.  That Chaplain graciously and diligently took the time to train me, and it wasn’t easy for him.  Of course, he gave me digital example copies of his specific duties, but he also initiated phone conversations, emails and working lunches.  It made a huge difference in reducinng my learning curve.  Even after he PCSed, he availed himself to me for months.  I encourage you to do the same and seek the same.  Ministry preceded our arrival and will follow our departure.

Even if the specific topics are not your current assignment, next assignment or interest for any future assignment, you might still find a nugget or concept that could help you or another member of your team.  You are free to copy, edit and share them as you choose.

May God bless you as you serve Him and His people.  Because I am offering this post in some pluralistic settings, please not that some of the contents may be explicitly Christian.

19th ESC FLC Continuity Files (Introduction)

FLC tng book (part 1)

FLC tng book (part 2)

Intro Counseling and Religious Integration


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