“Warming up to Working Out the Body of Christ” (part 2 of 2): Spiritual Resilience & your “Treasure Chest”

fitness-1677212_960_720If you haven’t viewed part 1 of “Warming Up to Working Out”, I recommend doing so before watching part 2 below.  The first video is foundational to the second.

As I’ve said in the introductory posts for this series, I am encouraging us to use physical exercise for small group Bible studies and Christian fellowship of “W.A.I.T. Training”.  There are at least two biblical and practical reasons for this approach.

First, the Lord created us as a spirit in a body for relationships.  And the positive stresses in small group exercise can be used to strengthen all three.  Second, these are the same three ways in which most Americans have been crying out for help for a long time.  But before I demonstrate how you can do this with your family members or friends at home, in a gym, on a track or trail, etc., let’s do a little more “warm up” on the inter-dependence of body, soul, and relationship that I’ve described above.

Again, I believe part 1 and 2 of these video introductions can help with that.  If you’ve not seen the video in “Topic Tuesdays” that one also addresses the spiritual significance of emotion using the example of Timothy with several biblical reference.  You can access it in the menu above or by clicking here.

Even if you’re not interested in or able to do physical exercise, you may find the videos very helpful to understanding yourself and others for better relationships in any setting.  Please note that I originally produced these and other videos for Army personnel. Hence there is a legal disclaimer at the end and my contact information at the end.


The program, “W.A.I.T. Training” addresses 24 physical pictures of spiritual principles through a variety of supports:  training videos, devotional thoughts, Christian music videos8×10 color posters, free t-shirt designs, and more can be used for your personal devotions or small group Bible studies.


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