Philippians 3:1-11, Understanding and Applying the Bible

7290794228_43de52f452_bThe brief video below is one in a series of inductive studies on books of the Bible with six chapters or less.  If you’ve not yet seen the two introductory videos, “How to Understand and Apply the Bible” and “B.e. S.c.r.i.p.t.t.t.u.r.a.l.”, the first provides a simple 3-step method of basics.  The second uses the 14 letter acronym to cue us toward more specific considerations: boundaries of the passage, emotional experience of individuals in the passage, style of literature, and more.  These can lead us to greater depth of understanding and application of God’s Word.

The resulting outline of the specific passage in this video is fairly detailed, and I hope you find it helpful for your personal study and devotional time with the Lord.  You’re also welcome to use the contents for teaching or preaching, but I caution you that the outline is also very basic.   Before presenting the material to others I recommend rephrasing the truths to be most helpful to the uniqueness of your hearers.

Lastly, please note that I originally produced these videos as an Army Chaplain for personnel in my unit stationed around the world.  Therefore, each begins with a legal disclaimer at the beginning and ends with my contact information.


If you’re interested, you can view more videos on Philippians.  As God provides, I will publish similar videos on other shorter books in the future.  For other topics under “Theology Thursdays”, go to the menu above and follow the link at the bottom of the page.

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If you’d like to know more about who publishes the articles, videos, and other materials on tools4trenches, you can click on the picture of me and my wife.


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