Leadership and Multiculturalism 102: Understanding External Cultures

This mini-series offers a great variety of topical videos and a few consistent questions to prompt your reflection and discussion of three key issues in leadership: vision (where to lead others), influence (why they will choose to follow – or not), and mission (how they should follow). Below the video I briefly explain how I identified these three elements of leadership.  I trust you will see their significance.

As you watch this particular video, consider the following prompts I recommend for discussion throughout this miniseries:

  • Considering the topic of the video below, which is/would be most natural for you to emphasize: articulating your vision, influencing others to follow you, or planning and implementing concrete ways for them to follow you?  
  • Which of those three would be most difficult for you?  
  • Based on some of the unique characteristics of the people where you currently live, which would most of the people likely emphasize:  vision, influence, or mission? 
  • Which element would most of them likely overlook or resist?  
  • Name a few people – by name or position – with whom you would need to collaborate to begin making progress in a godly direction.
  • What gaps or hurdles would you and they need to address first, and why?
  • And, lastly, toward what changes would you lead them to sustain beyond your time with them?


Good leaders always answer at least three questions, whether they’re directly asked or not:  where are they going, why we should trust them, and how we should we follow them.  In fact, those are the very questions God begins to answer in the Ten Commandments.  In Exodus 20:1-2, the Lord introduced the Law by reminding the Israelites where He was leading them:  away from their former life of bondage to be His people.  Then He gave the first four commands implying basic reasons to trust Him.

  • I am the only one true God.
  • I have revealed myself through my prophets.
  • I am infinitely, eternally, and unchangeable glorious.
  • And I have given my people all they need to follow me.

And He gave the last six implying basics ways to follow Him.

  • Submit to the authorities I’ve given over you.
  • Bless the lives of the people I’ve given around you.
  • Devote yourself to those I’ve given only to you.
  • Protect the property I’ve given to others.
  • Tell the truth for the justice I will give to each person accordingly..
  • And rejoice in what I’ve give to you for today.

The implied problems that all of us share is that our human nature tends to rest in other people or things and to serve ourselves.  Our only hope and certain joy is the supernatural gift of God’s Son, Jesus, dying in our place and God’s Spirit changing us from the inside-out.  Only then can we lead others as He leads: with love for His glory.


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