Link to website “Focus on the Family”

For good reason, Focus on the Family is one of the oldest and most popular Christian media ministries. Dr. James Dobson, his staff and their many friends in ministry provide a seemingly endless variety of resources to assist Christian families to follow Jesus in faith.

Focus on the Family 

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If you’d like to know more about who publishes the articles, videos, and other materials on tools4trenches, you can click on the picture of me and my wife.


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1 Response to Link to website “Focus on the Family”

  1. Thanks, Lupita.
    I actually have my connections turned off right now. I’m building a base of dozens of blog pages that relate to each other, so I’ve intentionally made it hard to see my stuff yet. There’s too much unfinished.

    Once I’ve completed the base of videos and related stuff, I’ll go public.

    Seeking to serve and honor Christ,


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