“Genes” – physical and spiritual fitness in Christ

GENES – “Born to…?”
(Exodus 4:10-11, Ecclesiastes 12:1-8, Jeremiah 13:23, John 3:6-7, 1 Corinthians 12:14ff, 2 Corinthians 5:17, Galatians 6:15)

“I was built for comfort, not for speed.” Maybe you’ve heard someone say that when joking about their physique.  Maybe they said it because they were truly content with their body shape, or maybe they were trying to avoid talking about a painful subject: their „destiny‟ because of their genes.  Each of us has our own unique genetic limitations and potential. Some people are born with broad shoulders and
others will.

For us to have a new „genetic‟ potential, we need a new
Father. And that‟s exactly what Jesus says in John 3:3. Some
versions of the New Testament translate His original statement
as “ye must be born again” and others render it “ye must be
born from above”. In fact, the original language can be
translated either way. Maybe that‟s intentional to show the
same truth in two different ways: real change must come by
truly starting over, but it‟s not enough to have physical
potential, human will or others‟ desires (John 1:12-13). The
new source must also be a spiritual re-creation from God.
Physical genes can provide a foundation only for physical
potential, but when we are born again we have a new spiritual
potential from our new Father! And, just as He creates all
children physically different from each other, He recreates His
spiritual children with different expressions of their potential.
So what is our potential? Consider 1 Corinthians 12.
Verses 4-13 remind us that, even though God re-creates us
with different spiritual abilities (supernatural giftedness in
discernment, teaching, etc.), the source of all these is His
Spirit and the unified purpose is the common good of His
people (vs. 7). Sounds pretty good so far, right?
Now remember to be mindful – „open‟ to whatever God
pours into our lives. Notice verse 11. Our Lord also gives
different portions of these gifts to each of us. Does that mean
He makes some people great at something and others only
good at the same thing? Yes! Romans 12:3ff is even more
specific that God gives us different “measures of faith”. Does
that mean He re-births some who will be virtually fearless and
others who will struggle against fear? It seems so! But why?!
The twelfth chapter of both letters point to God‟s design for
His Body: joyful interdependence under its Head, Jesus.
Look at verses 14-21 in the letter to the Corinthians. Paul
recognizes that some are dissatisfied with the „genes‟ they
received from their Father and are envious of others. Others
seem to be boastful as if they received what is most important.
But verses 22-26 require us to be especially mindful and open.
Have you considered that He may have created you or me as
„weaker‟, „less honorable‟, or „un-presentable‟ so that we need
others‟ strength or special attention? Humble me, Lord!
There will be times that I need others more than they need me!
Physically, a son or daughter might not like the freckles or
frizzy hair from their biological Dad. We might also feel that
we‟re “stuck” with what our heavenly Father has given us as
His spiritual children. But 1 Corinthian 12:18 tells us that
“now hath God set the members every one of them in the
body, as it hath pleased Him”. God created His Body for
interdependent relationships of love.

What is your fear? And who is your Love? W.A.I.T.

Watch God‟s creation for your uniqueness. How might you
need other members in the Body of Christ? To whom should
you go for help and how?

Accept what you see as reminders to seek spiritual fitness and

Invest toward the goal of interdependent relationships among
the members of His Body. Look for opportunities, and . . .

Team with other believers. Weaknesses are opportunities to
grow by others‟ help. Strengths are cues to responsibilities.
And if you aren‟t growing in His likeness, consider the
possibility that you‟ve been trying to grow spiritually in the
power of your flesh. Ask Him to forgive and recreate you. He
adopts on the spot! (Romans 8:13-39) .


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