12 Tips to Set-up for W.A.I.T. Training, a program of Physical Exercise for Bible Study & Fellowship

fitness-1677212_960_720In the last few videos, I demonstrated how we can strengthen our physical, relational, and spiritual fitness in Christ simultaneously in groups of very different abilities.  This video will cover 11 practical tips to start your own group.  Then, over the next few weeks, God willing, I’ll provide you with examples of 30 minute sessions in a small group.

After providing that base of videos, my plan is to offer teaching videos and additional training videos on specific methods you can incorporate into your groups.  Most of those videos will likely have me alone providing the training.  As you might imagine, having others to volunteer for videos that will be available to the world has several challenges, especially when one of the powerful parts of the programs involves speaking your deeper heart to fellow believers.  I appreciate your prayers and patience for this creative but practical ministry.


There’s one tip I neglected to cover in the video.  When your small group uses calisthenics or weights, I recommend doing so in a circuit format in which each person does a different type of exercise.  This may reduce temptations of comparisons to each other.  If one person is doing crunches while a second is curling dumbbells, a third is doing lunges, a fourth is doing pushups, and a fifth is doing dips, each may be more free to focus on the Scriptures and their conversation instead of trying to match others’ movements or abilities.


So those are 12 tips to getting started.  But, as you might imagine, we could use “W.A.I.T. Training” in even more creative ways:  a spin bike group that uses the dozens of Christian music videos linked below, or even a modest of “dance-ercise” for married couples using the same music videos, a traditional teaching class (with no exercise) using the free book, “W.A.I.T. Training”, and much more.

The program is designed for broad use through through a variety of supports:  training videos, devotional thoughts, Christian music videos8×10 color posters, free t-shirt designs, and more can be used for your personal devotions or small group Bible studies.  The downloadable PDF below suggests Scriptures on the principles of W.A.I.T. Training in all 24 “topics”:  Truths, Promises, and Commands in Scripture.



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