Exercising Mindfulness in Christ: Fear (Psalm 1 and 2)

fitness-1677212_960_720Last week, we began looking at Psalm 1 and 2 in “Studying Mindfulness in Christ: a Biblical Theology of Fear“.  If you haven’t already read that article, I encourage you to start there.  Jumping right into exercising the “fear of the Lord” might seem a little…scary?

It doesn’t have to be, though.

As we noted last week and will see in today’s exercises, biblical fear draws God’s people closer to Him because they understand and rest in His amazing grace to forgive, transform, lead, and bless them in His good will.


If you haven’t seen the introductory video to this mini-series on emotion, Exercising Mindfulness is Christ: Anxiety versus Integrity, I encourage you to watch that one, too.  It may give you greater insight into the common struggle of anxiety and why there are biblical reasons to live a full spectrum of emotions in the Lord Jesus and His Body.

Next week, God willing, I’ll provide an article on another emotion in biblical theology:  grief.  If you’d like to read ahead to see why godly sorrow is truly essential to following Christ by faith, take a look at Isaiah 52:13 – 53:12.  It’s at the very heart of Jesus’ love.


This series “Workout Wednesdays” began with the introductory video, “How to use Physical Exercise for Small Group Bible study and Fellowship:  1 Goal, 2 Tools, and 3 Questions in 4 Venues“.  If you find that video helpful and might consider starting your own small group for Bible study and fellowship through exercise, I also encourage you to check out “12 Tips to Set-up for W.A.I.T. Training”.


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