“Genes” (suggested applications)

The following is related to an earlier devotional post on “genes”:  born to . . . to what?  If you’re not familiar with this series, you may want to review some of the foundational articles and videos on W.A.I.T. training and specific posts on “genes”.

There are 24 such subjects on this website.  You can use the search function to read the devotionals and related Scriptures, view training videos, and even watch contemporary Christian music videos on the same subjects.  Simply place your smartphone or tablet on the reading deck of your favorite cardio equipment in the gym, or prop it up in a safe place as you and a friend exercise at home, or even project it onto a smart TV through wifi or bluetooth for larger groups.

I offer the applications below and others only as examples of how you might physically express spiritual principles.   They are not magical formulas or guarantees.  Neither are they substitutes for God’s call to gather with other believers for worship in a local church, to study His Word and pray privately, to fellowship with other Christians throughout the week, or to serve the hurting and lost.

In the metaphor of physical fitness, consider this series as a “supplement” for your spiritual health.  I do believe, however, that these articles and related video which simultaneously feed our spiritual, physical, and relational health can be very practical.  After all, the Lord created each of us as a body with a spirit for relationships.  And remember, always consult a physician before beginning any new exercise program.


Suggested applications for meditation on “genes”:

Few of us like everything about our body. I’ve never enjoyed working my legs because they’re under-developed and harder to work than the rest of my body. Still, I have to work what my body needs and not just what I can do well. Try to find exercises that you’re able and willing to do which work the difficult parts of your body. Listen for your emotion over those parts of your body. Then think of loved ones God has given you who love you in spite of these so-called “shortcomings‟ (in your view). In other words, focus on His grace!

Consider how He has even used the parts of your body that you don’t like to build you up in Him. I know that He used years of others’ insensitive jokes about my big feet to reveal my bitter spirit, lead me to repentance and give me greater compassion on others in similar circumstances. Listen to your body’s experience of spiritual realities in your life – good and bad – but use your body to express God’s truth for His Body.

You can also think of others who do not like themselves and the people you don’t like, so you can pray to love His whole Body. Then meditate on spending intentional time with them as you spend time exercising the parts of your own body that need some lovin’. If we see the goodness of working our whole body – even when it’s difficult – shouldn’t we exercise the whole Body of Christ, even when it’s difficult?

On the other hand, you may have other body parts that you enjoy for their beauty, strength, coordination, etc. As you exercise, meditate on how to use your strengths (physical or otherwise) to serve others. If your upper body is strong, how could you use your strength to help your spouse with chores around the house? If you have lots of energy, are there coworkers or neighbors who need your help? If you are knowledgeable in a specific area, who could you coach? The key is to remember that all of our being is designed by God for service to Him in godly relationships with His people.

Because so many of us are body-conscious about some part of our body that God has given us (or not given us), talking with each other about our genes can be a potentially sore topic. So we need to be especially prayerful about our own heart and mindful of what the other person may say to us. Consider trying some of the following to open dialogue about each other’s bodies and continue dialogue about the Body of Christ:

* “Earlier, several of us named parts of our bodies that we don’t like. As we’re exercising, do you feel more bad, mad, sad, or glad about that part of your body? How intensely do you feel that on a scale of 1-10 (or -5 to +5?)?”
* “Or how about parts of your body that you do like? How “glad‟ are you and how’s that affect your genuineness?”
* “As we’re working our _____ , I’m reminded that Paul often described God’s people, the “Body‟ of Christ. And he included the “important‟ parts like the eyes, ears, hands and feet but also the “weaker‟ and “unpresentable‟ parts.
What does Jesus think of your _____, and how might He be calling you to be part of His Body as you are?”
* “How has God used your ______ to mold your spirit as part of the Body of Christ? If your ______ were different, how might your spirit and relationships be different?”

What is your fear? And who is your Love? W.A.I.T.


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