“Weight” (suggested applications)

The following is related to an earlier devotional post on “weight”:  B.M.OC.!  Phat!  Heavy!  If you’re not familiar with this series, you may want to review some of the foundational articles and videos on W.A.I.T. training and specific posts on “weight.

There are 24 such subjects on this website.  You can use the search function to read the devotionals and related Scriptures, view training videos, and even watch contemporary Christian music videos on the same subjects.  Simply place your smartphone or tablet on the reading deck of your favorite cardio equipment in the gym, or prop it up in a safe place as you and a friend exercise at home, or even project it onto a smart TV through wifi or bluetooth for larger groups.

I offer the applications below and others only as examples of how you might physically express spiritual principles.   They are not magical formulas or guarantees.  Neither are they substitutes for God’s call to gather with other believers for worship in a local church, to study His Word and pray privately, to fellowship with other Christians throughout the week, or to serve the hurting and lost.

In the metaphor of physical fitness, consider this series as a “supplement” for your spiritual health.  I do believe, however, that these articles and related video which simultaneously feed our spiritual, physical, and relational health can be very practical.  After all, the Lord created each of us as a body with a spirit for relationships.  And remember, always consult a physician before beginning any new exercise program.


Suggested applications for meditation on “weight”:

The concept of ‘weight’ in the Scriptures is usually about issues of power and significance.  So, as you can probably imagine, vision, rest, image and weight in Christ are all related.  But they’re different, too.

How does weight relate to vision?  Vision is a picture of a future aspiration (hope) toward which we strive.  Having a clear vision can help us say ‘no’ to distractions, counterfeits, and lesser things.  But human visions are often self-centered or too far for our failing hearts.  A Christian’s vision (if it is God and not ours) is from Jesus and fulfilled in Jesus.  We set our sights on Him because He is the author and perfector of our salvation. (Hebrews 12:1-3)  Only He can satisfy our every need because He designed us for Himself.  Our weight in Jesus is our guaranteed significance (as opposed to a human ‘hope’) by His faithfulness.  Every promise God makes to His people is ‘yes’ in Christ. (2 Corinthians 1:20-24)

Watch yourself and the members of your team.  What ‘weight’ can you use to help others and what weight do you tend to throw around to earn or show your power or significance?   Wisdom about the Bible or physical fitness?  Encouragement to others?  Great strength?  If we use our ‘weight’ for personal gain or look to anything other than Jesus for our significance and strength, we are in the vicious trap of idolatry again.  Take a look at your body – your weight (muscle or fat) may tell you where you’ve been looking for significance or power.

Accept that you may struggle with idolatries, and Invest in what Jesus’ says about your significance and strength in Him.  When a member of your group seems depressed or proud, Team to remind each other that Jesus paid the price for you.  He has come not to be served but to serve (Mark 10:45), and He sends us into the world to use our resources to serve – not to throw our weight around.  When you notice God’s work in your group, tell each other the changes that you’ve observed and the significance and power that you sense from seeing His work in your lives.  Share the testimony immediately and express your praises physically in your workout – your witness to those who watch and hear you will speak powerfully of His weight! (Ephesians 4:29)

How does weight relate to rest?  Rest for many comes after “hitting the wall” physically or emotionally.  This is a runner’s phrase for an involuntary full stop due to exhaustion.  After giving all they have, those who don’t know Jesus may collapse on a bed, in a bottle, or by a brain-dump in front of the TV.

Resting in Christ, however, energizes us before we even start the day, we feel refreshed because of His love, power, and wisdom are limitless.  So we work more and more joyfully for Him.  Even though we plow through the same work as non-believers, we know Jesus who gently and humbly leads us by His easy yoke under His light burden (Matthew 11:28-30).  Resting in Christ first frees us to see and enjoy our weight in Christ.  We cease striving to earn our significance and by our strength and begin serving joyfully.  We know that He is our strength to establish our significance:  growing in His image. (1 Samuel 12:16, 2 Chronicles 20:17, Psalm 127:1)

And how does weight relate to image?  Our sense of image usually comes from what we or others’ think about us because of what we’ve done:  our worth based on our performance.  Our image in Christ is based on what He has done on our behalf.  God sees us as righteous because of Jesus (Romans 3:20-26).  Our weight in Christ is our confidence because of how He sees us:  righteous because of His death in our place.  We know that only He can accomplish the ‘heavy-lifting’ of perfection, and He also promises to keep us to the end.  Isaiah 60:21, Matthew 13:31-32, John 15, Colossians 2:6-10, etc. say that God’s children will ‘bloom where we’re planted’, and He will prepare us to be His beautiful Bride. (Revelation 21:2)

Watch for signs of where you look for satisfaction.  Mirrors?  Comments?  Accept the good and bad that you see and hear.  Examine yourself, but take heart, too – someone has said that we are far more guilty than we fear but far more loved that we could ever dream.  So, Invest in Jesus.  He has made all who follow Him “children of God” (John 1:12-13) and is pleased to give them the Kingdom. (Luke 12:32)   When you turn from personal pride and fear, your newfound humble life may seem less impressive to others and will likely experience some ridicule and rejection – just as Paul did (Philippians 3:4-14).  But you will finally find the inner joy and strength for which you’ve been looking.  Team with other believers to continue making Jesus your focus, minute by minute.  He calls us to relational fitness with Him, body and soul!

Ask each other “Is God the big Man in the room right now or not?  If you sense the weight of His glory as we exercise and talk to each other, what’s that like for you?  If you don’t sense His weight, can you tell us why and what that’s like?”

And point out God’s glory as you see it in your group.  E.g., “Did you hear the way Frank encouraged Tom during our run?  And did you notice Lisa helping Pam?  They had to ease off on physical exercise to focus on their spirits and relationship, but I believe that kind of love holds a lot of weight with God!”


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