Exercising Mindfulness in Christ: an example from Romans 7

fitness-1677212_960_720Mindfulness is Christ is being a true member of “Israel”, which means “one who wrestles with God”:  knowing the Lord is good but struggling with our own fears, small faith, selfishness, doubts, and clinging to God Himself as our only hope, just as Jacob did in Genesis 32.  That’s what we see the Apostle Paul doing, too, in the latter part of Romans 7.

Over the last few weeks in this series, “Workout Wednesdays”, we’ve been considering how and why to use physical exercise for greater mindfulness and intentional relationships in the Body of Christ.  If you’d like, you can review any of those previous W.A.I.T. Training exercise videos.

If you haven’t seen the introductory video, “How to use Physical Exercise for Small Group Bible study and Fellowship:  1 Goal, 2 Tools, and 3 Questions in 4 Venues” you could start there, but it’s not necessary to benefit from this week’s video.

Below is another example of how to use Scripture passages to “wrestle with God” for our growth in understanding, faith, obedience, and more.  Choose a few simple exercises and join me as we wrestle with God.  I hope you find it helpful.


If you found that video helpful and you might be interested in your own small group for Bible study and fellowship through exercise, check out “12 Tips to Set-up for W.A.I.T. Training”.


As you might imagine, you could use “W.A.I.T. Training” in many ways:  an aquatic exercise group, a series of spin classes using the dozens of Christian music videos on “Music Mondays“, a yoga-like group that fills our minds with Scripture by mediating on the 24 images of spiritual fitness (instead of emptying our minds like some eastern religions and worldly philosophies), a traditional class discussion using the free book, “W.A.I.T. Training”, and more.

The program is designed for broad use through through a variety of supports:  training videos, devotional thoughts, Christian music videos8×10 color posters, free t-shirt designs, and more can be used for your personal devotions or small group Bible studies.  The downloadable PDF below suggests Scriptures on all 24 principles of W.A.I.T. Training by truths, commands, and promises (TPCs in the PDF below).



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